The 10 Best Line Graph Maker of 2022

Numbers and statistical data, in the present day, hold more value in almost every aspect of life, and more importantly across businesses. With heaps and bounds of data being generated, and the rising weight-age related to costs, performance, targets, and revenues, numbers are gaining much more importance than before.

Hence it has now turned extremely crucial to give these numbers an interpretation in order to influence decisions that are associated with performance, effectiveness as well as investments.

This has in turn paved the path for the growing incorporation of a diverse spread of charts and graphs in a bid to give more life to numbers.

One among these graphical structures is line chart or graph. So what exactly does one need to know about line charts? Line charts are tremendously popular among a large set of users as they are used for the connection of several individual data points within a data view.

They are increasingly adopted for displaying trends over time in comparison to several other chart types. This is mainly ascribing to the trajectory of the lines in the graph that go up or down, to impart clear information about the progress of specific data points over time.

In addition, line graphs are also employed for tracking the changes during short and longer periods. In instances for depicting smaller changes, line graphs are highly preferred over bar graphs as they can match the changes through the same period for one or multiple groups.

Similar to area charts, these graphs can assist you as well as teams to track critical metrics, identify urgent issues, evaluate performance, and to come up with timely decisions for futuristic planning and productivity.

Some of the typical scenarios where line charts mark notable presence include sales performance, stock prices, retail trends, unemployment rates, daily web traffic, pollution levels, population growth, company EPS, and weather data.

The charts are also most often utilized to visualize the progress rates over distance or time in areas like marketing, business, sales, finance, and experimental sciences.

Also, understanding the changes that occur over some time are relatively easier for the human mind. Hence most business owners prefer the use of line graphs to view the increase in their profits over time. Content publishers can also see their traffic rise.

In a nutshell, the charts provide the best context for understanding the current activities and plans. The surging popularity of single line graphs has also made way for multi-line graphs to evaluate the performance of diverse groups.

Driven by these benefits and increasing usage of line charts, a bunch of software, tools and online applications are coming to light to shape and add more value to a varying range of graphical structures.

The sole purpose of these portals is to cut down a lot of user time and effort, while at the same time offer a simplified process in crafting the graphs. Over time, there has been higher use of these online channels for creating, designing and personalizing line charts.

Best Line Graph Maker 2022

Taking an insight into the application scope and prolific usage of line charts in recent times, individuals to companies are incorporating a bunch of online chart making software and tools.

These portals are technically advanced and are loaded with powerful features whilst being designed with easy to edit and interactive user interfaces.

As most of these applications come with customizable templates and a fleet of modifying and enhancing characteristics, they simplify the line chart making process with minimum time and effort.

Here is a sneak-peek into ten of the best in town line graph making applications for use in 2022.

1. Visme – Best Line Graph Maker

Chosen by millions of educators, marketers, and executives from across 120 countries, Visme is a freely available and easy to utilize platform that helps users in crafting visually impacting line graphs.

It can be touted as one of the most preferred applications on account of its benefits of customization as well as the ease of access to quintessential features, including pre-designed templates, as well as chart widgets.

In addition, Visme hoards hundreds of millions of stock images and vector icons to enhance the user’s designs.

Apart from coming with constructive drag-and-drop design tools, this online tool is packed with hundreds of premade starter templates that offer simplified editing of data and brand customization.

Once done, this line graph maker assists users to easily share their graphs on social media. One can also add their professionally made line graphs to infographics, and presentations or download the animated graph as HTML5 files.

2. Moqups

Assisting its logged-in users in crafting some of the simplest to complex line charts or graphs, Moqups is a highly recommended web app that comes in handy with affordable subscription plans.

This streamlined and intuitive portal not only helps you in tracking the performance and analyzing trends but is apt for effective team collaboration.

Considering this, Moqups has made a significant place for itself across finance, business, sales, experimental sciences and the marketing landscape.

Additionally, the tool is packed with hundreds of good-looking line chart templates that cut down a lot of user time while making the work much easier and attractive.

Post selecting the template, you simply need to add your data and customize its appearance in order to fit into the team’s requirements.

Several companies are also making use of this application to visualize their progress with respect to time and to evaluate performances while making timely decisions.

3. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another popular online and web-based application that assists users in coming up with attractive and eye-catching line graphs that are easy to code and can be readied in minutes.

This freely available tool, which is parented by Adobe, does not necessitate any designing skills and creative expertise.

Additionally, it assists users to insert their collected data in a simplified approach in order to turn them into beautiful charts.

However, what makes this online chart-making tool most convincing and recommended is its ability to ready the line graph in just 3 steps.

All one needs to do is just enter the required data that has to be placed between the X and Y axis, customize the line graphs with a personal liking of colors and fonts.

Following this, one can download the completed product to have it embedded in presentations, or make further changes in the saved designs.

4. Edraw Max – Best Line Graph Software

In order to offer advanced features and charting symbols to users for curating interactive line graphs, Edraw Max is an online charting software that offers simplicity of use.

Besides rendering customization benefits, this all-in-one line making tool is also a vital resource and time saver.

It has thus gained the trust of nearly 25 million users as well as leading brands for the visualization, innovation and collaboration of a diverse spread of charts.

Other than just simplifying the visual workflow, this platform is highly in use for delivering better results given its Microsoft-like interfaces, professional template resources and drag and drop functionalities.

Also, this software makes sharing and teamwork easy on any shareable channel as it offers proper planning and keeps all the data on the same page during all times and places.

Enterprise-scale security and customer privacy to keep all the data secure are other highlights of this application.

5. Vizzlo

Prompting its users in coming up with beautiful looking graphs for Google Slides and Powerpoint in a matter of seconds, Vizzlo is a one-stop solution you can run into to furnish attractive and impact rendering line charts.

Priced at affordable monthly and annual subscription plans, along with offering a free trial start to professionals, teams and enterprises in making charts, this online platform helps users in enhancing their productivity.

Owing to its robust configuration features and interactive interface, Vizzlo can be addressed as one of the best line graph maker for use in 2022.

Along with witnessing massive deployment among a herd of users spanning from beginners to experts, Vizzlo has made a place for itself in companies, such as IBM, Sanofi, Adidas, and Uber among a bunch of others.

This is mainly attributable to the impressive visualizations that it provides its audiences apart from the easily customizable line charts.

6. Venngage

Venngage is a well-known online tool when it comes to creating impactful charts with a touch of data integration.

On account of its beautifully designed and easy-to-edit templates, this freely accessible application has made a mark for itself across 40,000 businesses to assist them in visualizing their complicated data with ease.

In addition to this, what makes Venngage truly unique is its real-time team collaboration and assistance in easily importing data from Google and Excel Sheets.

Also, the line chart making process in this application comprises 5 basic steps that revolve around choosing the preferred templates, adding in the data, customizing the charts with colours, and sharing the resulting graphs.

Another feature that stands out for Venngage is the presence of My Brand Kit that lets you fill in the brand colours, logos and fonts through a click. The tool also houses a vast library of free icons and illustrations.

7. Canva

Canva is undoubtedly one of the highly recommended online tools for making line charts given that it comes at zero cost to its users alongside offering an assorted range of subscription plans.

This application not only deals with beginner-level chart making but is also best suited for crafting and designing some of the most complex graphics with basic drag-and-drop functions.

One needs to simply insert the data through the “Data” button present on the toolbar, followed by a touch of personalization that reflects on the brand colors, fonts, and the insertion of data labels.

Another striking characteristic of this tool is that it ensures that the graph is in the same colour scheme as the rest of the document to make the line charts more compelling to the viewer.

In addition, once done, one can also publish, download or share the high-resolution graphs, or embed them in presentations, and reports.

8. Displayr

Giving its registered users the perks of easy chart making and designing, Displayr has emerged as one of the highly used platforms for coming up with line charts.

Considering its free access to the general public and its reasonable pricing for professionals and enterprises, this web browser-based portal packs a range of options for its users to help them quickly create free line charts.

Apart from offering robust data collaboration and visualization capabilities, Displayr is known for crafting a diverse range of charts in just 3 basic steps.

All one needs to do is input the data values in the tables present at the interface. Once the line graph pops up on the screen, you can easily customize the graph with a personal touch of fonts, backgrounds, colors, and sizes.

Following this, one is free to share the charts or export them as images or PDF files with a click.

9. RapidTables – FREE Line Graph Maker

RapidTables has emerged as an instant solution to all its users in order to furnish and design a diverse range of charts in a jiffy.

Although this online application mostly works around a lot of numerical and statistical data, it supports the creation of various graphical structures, including tables, and charts with internal calculations and conversions.

On account of its untangled and simplified interface, this web-accessed platform has been highly adopted by millions of users across the globe.

Apart from its pop-up box like chart making workspace, what makes RapidTables stand out is the ease of structuring of the line charts that it gives its users.

All one needs to do in this application is manually input all the data to place them across both the axes, along with specifying a few other parameters. Post this, the line charts appear on the screen, for further resizing, sharing, downloading and printing.

10. Lucidpress


A sheer contender among the best line graph making applications, Lucidpress is a one-platform solution to grow a brand, while delighting its audience and empowering its team.

This online tool is highly favored by bigwigs, like Amazon, Prada and Berkshire Hathaway among various others as it allows them to deploy an assortment of line graph templates for showing changes across one or multiple data points over time.

This application comes with a wide number of templates, and what makes this intuitive graph maker unique is that it makes it simple to personalize each of these templates with your required data.

Another feature of this portal is template locking, as it eliminates the chances of employees accidentally stretching, moving, and discoloring the brand assets by locking down the fonts, images, logos, and position. It also makes sure that the viewer never views a stretched logo or, say an off-brand color again.

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To put briefly, the above-mentioned line chart making software and tools are not only powered with interactive and easy to use interfaces but are also packed with a bountiful of templates to offer effortless working.

Additionally, as these chart maker are configured with various advanced settings and functions for the customization of graphs, they are largely deployed for enhancing the line charts for more simplification of user work.

Ascribing to this, these portals have garnered a lot of popularity across a gamut of corporate and designing verticals to cater to the needs of easy chart making.

Edraw Max, Visme and Canva, on account of their dragging and dropping functionalities and the access to a wide range of enhancing elements, are marking extensive preference by individuals.

Moqups and Lucidpress are being increasingly favored by users to provide an added edge and zest of personalization to their line charts considering the presence of a bountiful of templates.

Adobe Spark, Displayr and RapidTables have gained an incredible reputation for the simplified chart making process they provide to their users.

While Vizzlo is best-known for its affordable subscription plans and robust visualization, Venngage offers its esteemed users the benefits of team collaboration in real-time.

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