Top 10 Best Project Management Software 2021

project management software

The prolific growth of the corporate sector has paved the way for the spiraling need for organizing and managing projects. Owing to this, employees are increasingly making use of some of the best project management software tools in order to initiate, plan, execute as well as manage some novel approaches to bring initiatives in an organization.

Off late, we have been noticing that project planning is playing a crucial role in assisting sponsors, guide stakeholders, teams, along project managers for enhanced productivity through all the project phases.

Companies have been largely focused on planning measures as it helps them identify and evaluate their desired goals, limit the associated risks, at the same time reduce the instances of missed deadlines.

This eventually ensures that they deliver their intended products, services and results on time and with ease. Considering this, an adequate number of online and offline project management portals are coming to light to cater to the escalating corporate strategizing requirements.

Project management software and tools not only assist in keeping track of tasks but also visualizing them through the backdrop of the whole project.

They precisely impart a bigger and better picture of the various tasks in terms of influence on other tasks, while also showing if a task is in progress, or completed.

These platforms are believed to save a lot of time and money as they render the right planning, which in turn ensures that your work is completed and delivered on time as well as within the budget.

Additionally, as project management helps in mapping the project’s journey through the outset, it also notifies the deadlines in advance alongside skillfully allocating the resources, while avoiding delays and overspending on the projects.

Another vast concern faced by organizations is the lack of communication as working together poses numerous challenges. Hence there is a larger dependency on online software to offer improved internal communications.

To add further, the incursion of highly effective project management processes enables teams and their members to weed out the complexity associated with collaboration with enhanced transparency and accountability in real-time.

The applications are also used to give a deeper insight into the spent resources, their prioritization and off tracking outcomes.

As proper management of the projects assists in forecasting any issues on a prior hand and offer details of the project progress, they prevent the occurrence of bottlenecks in order to come up with smarter and data-driven decisions.

They also ensure that users scale a high performance to build on a team’s best practices. Taking the learnings and data from the previous projects, the team members can also pinpoint the areas of excellence while looking for improvements. This in fact plays an ideal part in viewing the entire team’s performance.

In totality, the dearth of proper project management as well as planning can lead to an ample wastage of time and effort. This has made way for the rising utilization of project management software in a bid to improve the fecundity of the entire business.

Best Project Management Software 2021

Project management software are carving a niche for themselves across numerous companies to offer effective project guidelines for higher rates of positive outcomes.

These platforms are growing popular and are widely deployed as they can quickly craft a hierarchy of tasks to curate their efficient completion. They also give you an insight into the actions that are sequential and dependent on each other.

In simple terms, their central motive is to make project planning and task execution easier for the team members. Here is a list of some of the best project management software to look forward to in 2021.

1. Teamwork

teamwork One of the leading and most widely used platforms for managing client work, Teamwork offers unrivalled project management functionalities and is equipped with easy-to-use enterprise-level features.

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This online tool records extensive presence across major companies, including PayPal, Netflix, Disney and Panasonic and is trusted by almost 20000 businesses across the globe.

Teamwork, apart from project management, also helps users to scale up a client services team or business.

Additionally, as this online portal is integrated with tools, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Zapier and Hubspot, it offers more flexibility and feature-rich benefits along with providing effective time tracking.

Teamwork is immensely popular for its ability to manage multiple complex projects and instantly knowing what’s on and off track.

It also helps users in making most of their resources more wisely whilst employing dashboards, the Board View as well as project health status updates to view the progress of the reports.

2. Wrike

Wrike Wrike, a well-known work management platform, not only offers freemium benefits to its users but also renders next-level collaboration and project management solutions.

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This platform houses more than 20,000+ happy customers across the world and is in forefront across bigwigs, such as Google, Dell, and Siemens among many others.

This can be mainly ascribed to the growing utility of Wrike in empowering teams to bring their best work on the table through 360° visibility, powerful automation as well as true cross-departmental collaboration.

The tool also helps in eliminating endless email threads by providing easy sharing of information with all the stakeholders at any time. It also provides real-time updates in order to view potential roadblocks ahead of their occurrence.

Another prominent feature about Wrike is its cloud-based work management and superior on-premise security. The application is also integrated with Microsoft, Adobe and Google.

3. Nifty

niftypm For assisting in bringing corporate teams and their clients together into one simple as well as powerful platform, Niffy has emerged as one of the top-most used project management software in recent times.

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This online application is highly popular among bigwigs like Verizon, IBM, Loreal, among various others as it allows thousands of remote teams to save time in switching between their docs and chats.

Apart from creating a coherent action plan for projects along with automating the progress tracking, Nifty offers effective collaboration with attention to detail using the Kanban and the Swimlane views.

However, what makes this software unique is that it helps its users quickly and easily move their projects, tasks, teams, and files from Asana, ClickUp, Basecamp, JIRA, Trello, or Wrike.

Setting up a visual timeline for building team alignment, balancing workloads, besides offering real-time feedback in one-click Zoom meetings, are some other advantages of Nifty.

4. Asana

asana Asana is an online tool that allows its users in planning, organizing, and managing a team’s work from the start to finish.

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What makes this platform one of the most preferred project management software is its robust ability to shuffle between emails, spreadsheets, as well as other tools in order to keep the projects on course.

In a nutshell, Asana helps you in looking after and keeping track of all the activities from day one to the deadline.

Apart from offering superior project management characteristics, Asana is widely deployed as a collaboration tool. This is mainly ascribing to the fact that this tool helps in coordinating the team tasks to get a gist of everyone’s activities.

It also collates all the team’s work together into one shared space. Users can customize the project view, in terms of lists, boards and timelines to suit their style, whilst tackling the right tasks.

5. Monday.Com

monday dot com Renowned project management platform that lets you work beyond limits, not only extends the ease of planning, and tracking to its users but also places a team’s best work on the table.

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It has gained the trust of more than 125 thousand companies worldwide to effectively collaborate and keep a record of all the moving entities. The tool is known for automating repetitive work within seconds and offer 24/7 customer support to help the users avail personalized and outstanding services. is enriched with hundreds of visually impacting and customizable templates that assist in setting up the project plans in minutes and integrate the completed tasks with the existing tools.

It also helps you view the project status in a glance through clear and intuitive project dashboards. Considering these trends the application has made its presence across leading companies, like Adobe, NBC, and Coco-Cola among a majority of others.

6. Zoho Projects

zoho projects Bestowed with some of the most prestigious awards, Zoho Projects can be regarded as one of the freely available project management software that provides its users with convenience and productivity.

Zoho Projects

This cloud-based platform not only lets you plan your projects effectively but also offers efficient tracking of work, as well as collaboration with the teams at the comfort of their homes.

Additionally, the most outstanding feature of this application is that gets your work completed on time as it plans the project activities while assigning tasks and managing resources to offer effective team collaboration.

Zoho Projects is also among the highest-rated software on account of its easy-to-use and an intuitive interface coupled with seamless third-party app integrations.

Another attribute of this platform is that it employs Gantt charts to develop project plans and to track the task schedules. It also gives an insight into the critical tasks and their dependencies.

7. ClickUp

clickup ClickUp stands out as a best project management application as it tracks the entire project from its start to finish by projecting visually impacting views and helps the team to effectively collaborate on project planning.

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This online software is in massive use across corporate giants such as Google,, and Squarespace and marks a widespread presence across more than 200,000 highly productive teams. Alongside organizing the projects at a glance, it also helps the users to track progress levels and goals.

Another prominent feature of ClickUp is that it manages the resources on a box, list, Gantt, board, and a calendar view as well as helps in building personalized workflows with customizable views.

It additionally offers a total alignment on the project with the addition of comments to tasks and documents.

Taking note of its productivity and ready-made templates, the application is also the recipient of multiple awards and accolades.

8. Hive

hive Hive is a newly introduced project management platform that lets its users plan and work through multi-step projects at their highest comforts and convenience whilst ensuring in getting to their goals at record speed.

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Comcast, Toyota and Starbucks among several others are some of this software’s esteemed users. Apart from being packed with powerful proofing and annotation tools, what makes Hive a much preferred and utilized portal is its thousands of integrations to offer centralized information for maximum efficiency.

Additionally, project and action templates offered for repeatable steps in this platform also cut down the users work in half.

Access to an umpteen number of project templates coupled with advantages like document as well as video proofing and approval workflows also contribute to making Hive one of the best project management providers.

Task tracking and collaborative notes to make meetings more engaging and interactive are also rendered by this application.

9. Trello

trello In order to collaborate and manage projects effectively in a bid to reach maximum productivity peaks, Trello has ranked itself among the leading project management applications.

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Users can simply start their planning with boards, lists, and cards configured in this portal. Along with customizing and extending a spread of features to cater to the need of the growing teamwork, Trello is highly recommended for managing projects, organizing tasks, and building a team spirit as well as its robust capabilities to offer no-code automation.

This software application also easily connects the apps used by the team members to the Trello workflow, along with adding a power-up to fine-tune one particular requirement.

This is ascribing to the powerful tools coming with Trello to manage the meetings, projects, events and goal settings. Along with this, its intuitive features assist users in quickly setting up and customizing the workflows in a matter of minutes.

10. Backlog

backlog Enabling its users to stay updated with automatic syncs to the online workspace, Backlog is vividly used and rated as a leading project and code management platform.

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This online tool, which offers free trial periods is trusted by more than 10,000 companies worldwide to create, comment on, as well as update tasks on the go.

Other than keeping bug and issue tracking under a single roof, this web-browsed application is designed with a powerful interface to offer effective collaboration among developers, clients, and designers in one connected platform.

Backlog is also known for its enhanced project transparency as it allows to quickly glance at the project progress through boards, and Gantt charts. It also displays milestones and versions to track different task dependencies easily.

The application is also integrated with tools like Cacoo, Typetalk, Jenkins, among others, and is packed with custom fields, and wikis to offer a seamless workflow.

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Taking a gist of the above-mentioned pointers, it is safe to say that these project management software offer an ample amount of functional benefits, be it multiple app integrations or efficient team activity tracking.

Most of these platforms come with affordable subscription plans, while few of them offer free trial services.

However, what stands out for all these applications is their assistance to users in constructively planning, tracking and in some cases, automating the project plans in an attempt to produce successful business outcomes.

Google, Electronic Arts, Disney among a vast majority of others are increasingly making use of these project management providers to coherently handle their client work in the project’s entirety.

While Teamwork provides rigid enterprise-based functionalities, Wrike, which works on cloud technology, is immensely opted for its email threads and power-packed visibility.

Similarly, Asana and Zoho Projects are well-versed when it comes to constructive team collaboration, though the latter also gives the convenience of using gannt charts.

Microsoft Project is known for its dynamic approach to project scheduling, in line with ClickUp and Trello which offers superior customization benefits., Hive and Forecast are also recording maximum utilization for their simplified and automated ways for project planning.

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