10 Best Pie Chart Maker 2022

Create Pie Charts in minutes with one of the best pie chart maker of 2022 listed here. You can make simple as well as graphical pie charts with this tools.

Statistics are an essential form of content that can capture and bring out an analysis of any sort of data. Every concept or idea is related to different attributes and figures, and keeping track of all these elements and jotting it down, can be a tedious process.

To automatically calculate and update the numbers concerning any industry or a simple assignment, a distinct collection of graphs are employed to showcase graphical illustrations spanning from a basic line graph, bar graphs, pie charts to more complex formats of graphs or histograms.

pie chart makers

The graphs can be presented as infographics, be made virtually interactive by laminating them with colors, applying fonts and layouts to the existing templates and can be downloaded and saved as documents.

They are predominantly used in companies and industries for analysis of figures, to give an insight of profits or loss, or simply the progression rate among many other purposes.

A good number of tools and software are brought into existence to assist one in formulating these graphs or charts without dedicating any manual work.

The below article is an insight on the top-rated and widely used pie chart tools concerning their prolific, effective use in the year 2022.

What is a Pie Chart?

Pie charts or Circle charts are circular shaped graphs that are segmented into sectors or slices based on different divisions that give it the look of a pie. Hence the name, pie chart. The circle represents the whole data, and the different divisions are a part of the whole.

The whole data corresponds to 100 percent of the data, and the percentages for the segments or slices can be calculated relatively proportional to the whole.

An increase in the number of segments increases the complexity of the charts. The pie charts can be used as references in articles or website blogs to enhance the content and drive a better understanding of the concepts.

Pie charts depict how data or datasets are related to each other. They are very instrumental for use in businesses and industries for capturing and documenting market reports. They are saved and considered as important assets to the industries.

Pie charts can further distinguish into different categories serving various other market requisites. Doughnut chart, semi-circle chart and irregular charts are some examples of pie charts. Over hundreds of technically advanced applications, tools and software can be browsed or accessed for generating pie charts and exporting them.

Best Pie Chart Maker 2022 (Top 10 Picks)

Penned below are the top-rated, pro-editions of tools and software that one can operate for fabricating pie charts in less than a minute. Every application is rich with functions and features, which are simple to use and do not demand any training.

The tools also provide its users with a scope of saving, sharing and embedding the finishing pie charts for different purposes.

With so many options for tools and software to choose from, one needs to be aware of the pie chart maker and their functionalities. Here is an anecdote to the best 10 pie chart maker of 2022.

1. Visme


Visme is a tool that can be browsed online to fetch pie charts painlessly in no less than a minute.

It offers its logged-in users a collection of customization options and features to fit into their required visualization.

One can import data from an excel document or a Google sheet, or enter values into Visme Graph Engine and synchronize it with the real-time or live data effortlessly.

Its 5 steps procedural outline to plan and execute the design the charts has made Visme a fair contender for use among top companies.

Along with thoughtfully choosing the templates, branding the pie sectors or pieces, adding label names, placing legends to the chart, one can make use of the data visualization features like widgets, icons and other enhancers.

The pie charts produced can be 3D or flat, and can be saved as images or embedded in reports, websites, or other social media.

2. Edraw Max

Edraw Max is an affordable, multi-purpose diagramming software compatible with Windows and Mac operating system that supports creating icon and info graphically interactive and appealing pie charts from a gallery of stock images or templates.

Variations in pie charts like percentage pie, simple pie graph to multiple pies, 3D pie and Pie of pie, that fits into several corporate business requirements can be provisioned through this software.

Every professionally appealing pie chart derived instantly from this software can be enriched with in-built advanced features such as symbols and tools that function to manipulate the graphs to make them appear visually attractive and stir a good understanding of ideas to the audience.

Data on the graphs can either be imported from relevant documents or data labels can be edited through buttons and pointers. Edraw Max is home to Pie star templates, which are vector files that can be addressed as templates.

3. Moqups

Moqups, an intuitive and streamlined web app, can be regarded as a highly recommended chart making application as it enables you to fabricate and design an extensive range of pie charts.

The graphical designs are widely employed in arenas like product sales, market budgets among a host of other corporate applications.

What makes the online platform unique is that it does not entail the diagrams and flowcharts to remain in separate business silos in order to ensure placing all the content within the same project.

In simpler terms, users can quickly link the pie charts to numerous other visual assets, including mockups, wireframes, charts, and graphs to offer more convenience.

Apart from these facets, Moqups also helps the team and its members in coming up with their workflows to navigate to various stages of the project while purging out the blocks, barriers, as well as obstacles related to single-purpose apps.

4. Vizzlo


To configure pie charts to embed in Powerpoint presentations or Google Slides, Vizzlo can be noted as a suitable destination for capturing and presenting graphical data.

With top-tier brands placing their trust on Vizzlo, pie charts accessed with this tool can be safely branded as per the organizational policies, enhanced with fonts, colors, company-specific logos and various other factors on the navigation friendly interface.

Breaking down complex data for a better understanding of the subject is the most basic advantage one can avail from this application.

Vizzlo also makes room for team collaboration on the pie charts so that all the team members are on the same lines for sharing of ideas, accessing, reviewing and amending the charts which are stored on the cloud, with an added feature of document history to track changes.

Additionally, it provides a scope for analysis through its analysis functions before documenting the pie chart.

5. SmartDraw


Helping you make pie charts effortlessly at affordable costs, SmartDraw has nestled its way into the best pie chart making applications in 2022.

This software makes adding pie charts to any diagrams easy by simply importing the data and choosing the graph time alongside displaying the same data in different graph formats.

With the help of intuitive controls coming in this application, one can edit the charts to change the colors, and provide legend placement whilst easily swapping between chart types.

However, one of the outstanding features of SmartDraw is that it is packed with professionally-designed templates to cater to the most common marketing matrices, diagrams, and infographics. It offers effective team collaboration and customer support.

One can also craft pie charts for Word, Excel PowerPoint, or any other Google Workspace app through this software. The charts once done can be then easily shared among various team members via links.

6. DesignCap

Making pie charts in an instant, DesignCap is an online pie chart generator loaded with hundreds of professional pie chart templates for designing and clearly displaying the data.

All you need to do is to select one of the customizable pie graphs and browse abundant elements in order to edit the data.

One of the most distinctive features of this tool is that it offers the creation of colorfully attractive and enhanced pie charts to display the different proportions of data.

There are just 3 basic steps you have to follow to come up with the charts, starting from picking the template of choice from the gallery. Following this, the charts can be personalized with thousands of fonts, resources, and powerful editing tools.

Once the graphs are modified in the application, they can be exported or saved. The pie charts can also be shared online across various social media channels.

7. RapidTables


As the name suggests, RapidTables are capable for rapid creation of an extensive range of formatted tables, charts, graphs and various other statistical data structures.

They are functional for transforming figures and statistics to infographics that are strong to percept and understand and are powerfully convincing to its users.

RapidTables is home to a lot of calculating, conversion and mathematical tools, web designing to electrical designing tools among various others. All these tools are configured to function at a fast pace along with bringing the effectiveness of results.

One can use RapidTables to structure and pictorially represent pie charts in a flash, branding them with different color codes, to make them essential in different applications.

The best part of the using this online tool is the console that is so easy to navigate about and the auto-updating or refreshing of data to align with changes done to the numerical data.

8. Canva

A tool accessed online to help one create colorfully artistic pie charts which are easy in use and completely free, Canva is the basic tool to produce pie charts in seconds.

Picking from a template of choice, one can update the data with clicks or drag and drops, personalizing the chart with colors, fonts, background or layouts and choose to design over 20 types of simple to professional graphical charts effortlessly.

Conveniently used by brands like Sky scanner, Los Angeles among others, Canva makes team-work on a single chart feasible, deciding on Edit and View access, by storing the chart on the cloud to help one explicitly make changes or edits to the graph repeatedly without a fuss.

The pie charts generated can be easily downloaded and published or shared as high-quality files and embedded into presentations, shared on the mail or social media and can be saved as high-resolution images.

9. Lucidpress


Lucidpress can be accounted as one most preferred online brand templating platforms when it comes to making pie charts quickly, devoid of any previous designing expertise.

You can simply choose one of the many professional-looking templates in this intuitive drag-and-drop editor and customize it manually or with the help of Smart Templates to match your brand needs.

You can also go the extra mile for your brand by enforcing brand standards without hampering the creativity of charts using lockable templates.

This application makes the personalization of charts effortless by allowing adjustment and swapping of colors on each section. One can also insert a headline, like a descriptive title and paragraphs of text to offer additional information or conclusions about the data.

Lucidpress also offers simplified sharing of the finished graphs by embedding the chart in presentations or infographics, downloading them as standalone files or distributing them on social media channels.

10. Infogram

A well and high-reviewed online portal for furnishing a wide spectrum of graphs, Infogram is loaded with features, templates and animations to access pie charts that are educationally intriguing and interactive to their receptors.

A total of four captivatingly stunning pie charts can be claimed through Infogram, using templates and commands to achieve various motives in different industrial domains.

It’s primarily engaged in making data on the graph look animated and interactive to transform the pie charts into essential assets of the organization.

The steps involved in creating the graph are no-brainers and simply involve selecting the graph of choice, uploading or simply copy and pasting the data, customizing as per one’s wishes and downloading or attaching the graphs.

One can also name the pie charts so it can be retrieved easily. Commands from the keyboard can also be incorporated to bring data and function customization on the pie chart.



Based on the thoughts noted and strategically analyzed for the best-used pie chart maker in 2022, one can be assured that all the mentioned applications run on more or less similar guidelines of abstracting statistical data into a variety of pie charts following three to five straightforward steps which consume very less time and are super easy to execute.

Canva, Visme, and Vizzlo can be considered primary-level tools for pie charts, with Canva and Vizzlo, incorporated in use by top companies. These tools appear to be a fundamental choice as they are cost-free and can be browsed on any device or browser.

RapidTables are calculation and conversion based tools when compared to the others which are more graphical diagram centric.

Edraw Max is the only application in the form of software that is highly recommended and can be approached by a lot of professionally skilled users for their technically advanced features and different categories of pie charts. Infogram is also a well-rated and most sought after tool among the others.

But Venngage can be considered a winner of a pie chart maker for its coherent approach and interactive interface in prepping and delivering high-quality pie charts effortlessly.

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