Top 10 Best Online Gantt Chart Maker 2020

Large corporate offices and organizations have thousands of employees working for them, with each employee assigned to specific roles and task assignments. The tasks are goal-specific and deadline based and hence the employees need to have clarity on priorities of their assigned tasks concerning the time taken to accomplish them for better productivity and effective results.

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Keeping track of all the finished, in-progress and forthcoming assignments, along with dedicated timelines for each of them can be a methodically tedious process. Additionally, saving these details as reports are beneficial for further use in the continuously changing and largely recruiting corporate environment.

To manage this requirement, various teams across companies utilize gantt charts to attain an overview of their work schedules and hence manage time for the tasks accordingly. Before gantt charts, spreadsheets, word or excel sheets were employed to trail the work statuses or progress with time management of employees.

Maintaining and updating these documents on a timely basis was time-consuming and challenging. Hence gantt charts are proactively used by all the employees and team members for the benefits they offer them to plan their schedules. The charts are retrieved through various platforms which are free licensed or paid online applications.

What is a Gantt Chart?

Gantt chart is an essentially important asset to project management teams of any industry or corporate enterprises to track and monitor various tasks and assignments with deadlines or time-limits, which are allotted to the team members. They are graphical representations of the list of tasks or management events against the time taken to complete them, making the tasks and time, the most important attributes of the charts.

The tasks can be segmented into sub-tasks to understand the time dedicated to each of them and give clarity on deadlines for the tasks and schedule incoming tasks accordingly. The gantt charts can be constructed from a massive library of templates that every software or tool offers. The tasks are represented in the form of bars, which can be color-branded as per owns choice.

Various other styling elements like fonts, icons and other dynamic structures can be utilized to sharpen the looks of the charts. An extremely vital feature of gantt charts is that the dependencies of tasks on related employees in the team can be portrayed with the help of connecting arrows. Claiming the importance of gantt charts in the industrial scenario, tons of chart making applications are in use in leading companies.

Top 10 Best Online Gantt Chart Maker 2020

Citing the simplicity of use with the ease of access, apart from the enhanced and lucrative features the online chart makers have to offer, below is a consolidated list of the top 10 best online Gantt makers in 2020.

The below chart making software and tools are employed in use at various top-notch leading industry brands for fabricating gantt charts that are of official help and valued as important management guideline documents. The chart makers have a user-friendly, intuitive interface with all the personalizing features placed on the screen to generate charts in less time without any complexity in execution.

1. Lucidchart

LucidChartA diagramming visual workplace for designing a massive range of charts, Lucidchart helps one procure Gantt charts in minutes.

With over 15 million estimated users in 180 countries across the globe, this online tool is widely used in top enterprises like Amazon and Google and a few others.

One can easily create and customize the Gantt charts with fonts and colors following five simple steps.

The Gantt charts can be personalized with additional attributes as per one’s wishes on an existing template to plan schedules and deadlines.

Effective team collaboration on the charts through chats or comments is a highlight of this tool. Once finished developing the chart, a user can share the Gantt charts across platforms such as Jira, Confluence or Slack.

Another feature of LucidChart is its integration with G-Suite which helps embed the charts into Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Excel, Word or PowerPoint documents or Microsoft Teams.

2. GanttPro

GanttPROWith more than 5 million registered users worldwide, GanttPro can conveniently be addressed as the high-rated software used for project management.

Accredited with awards and accolades, it is one of the best-used software for building Gantt charts.

Some of the vital features associated with using GanttPro are effective teamwork and management efficiency, productive time management and cost savings on the projects.

The interface is rich with workspaces to structure multiple project outlines or assignments with an ability to assign team members with individual plans. The plans can be scheduled for deadlines, dependencies, priorities, indent and outdent etc. within minutes with drag and drops.

Once ready, the chart maker automatically updates related tasks. Additionally, one can also assign roles and responsibilities to team members, track project progress and attach comments in the charts. GanttPro can also be utilized for resource allocation activities along with time management analysis for individual user’s tasks.

3. TeamGantt

TeamGanttTeamGantt is an intuitive, management software for creating gantt charts with utmost ease and is used by top-notch companies such as Netflix, Nike, Disney and Amazon.

This top-rated and highly reviewed software is most recommended for project planning and scheduling among teams because of its ease of operations.

A user located in any part of the world can be assigned tasks and responsibilities for clarity on his job using this software. The tasks can be aligned to related documents, files or chats to make the data management centric.

The most promising feature of using TeamGantt is its in-built resource management software to monitor every individual team member’s tasks on a timely basis with dependencies projecting the delayed and pending tasks. Hierarchies and associations across a project team can also be exhibited through this software. The generated gantt charts can be exported into PDF or Excel CSV formats for further use.

4. Creately

CreatelyA multipurpose chart maker tool online, Creately is compatible with MAC, Linux and Windows OS for desktops, can be used as an iPhone and android application for mobiles and can be accessed on any browser.

It is integrated with G-Suite, Confluence, Jira and the Chrome web store for enhanced chart making solutions.

Choosing from an enormous range of templates, one can start building gantt charts in seconds.

With an interactive interface and various commands and shortcuts enhanced with colors, themes, and styling features, one can give shapes and designs to the gantt charts adding precision control.

The created charts can be employed for professional use for real-time team collaboration providing a view and access control to external users or team members. Dependencies and feedbacks of tasks can also be projected on these charts. Some of the major brands operating Creately are eBay, Citi, PayPal, National Geographic and a few others.

5. Canva

CanvaA stop-solution for designing top-quality gantt charts that can be used free, Canva is an online application tool that can be browsed on any screens.

This tool offers a lot of customization features to make the gantt charts appear stunningly appealing and colorful.

The charts powered with features can be claimed to the users in a matter of 5 steps, which are effortless to follow.

Colors are vitally used for Canva gantt charts as they denote different stages, departments and other attributes in the project.

One can initiate making the charts by choosing in-built templates, innumerable stock images or personal images. Canva provides over 130 variations of fonts to personalize the gantt charts in preferences of colors, backgrounds and other styling elements.

The readied charts can be shared with teammates as links for further edits in the charts. The gantt charts can be saved as high-resolution PDF or PNG images.

6. Wrike

WrikeAn intuitive software application for project planning, Wrike aids in creating attractive looking gantt charts and simultaneously manage multiple projects across a single platform.

This software is a smart pick among top enterprises like Tiffany and Co., Google, Loreal and others.

Gantt charts furnished through Wrike give an insight into work status or progress of the employees to effectively manage the project as per the schedule. Any congestions in the project outlook can be pinpointed through intelligent critical path analysis functioned on this chart maker.

The gantt charts can be suitably updated with drag and drop command, to assign tasks as links referring to the deadlines and milestones, align dependencies and track the progress of assignments.

All updates made to the charts are dynamically adjusted and shared with the team members. One can upload MPP, MPX, and XML files as tasks into Wrike to make and design vibrant gantt charts.

7. Visual Paradigm

Visual ParadigmStructured with an attractive and interactive interface, Visual Paradigm is equipped with powerful features that helps its users to create advanced gantt charts for multi-role projects.

It gives one immense scope for project and assignment time-lining and planning. VP Online Diagrams is a perfect platform for designing quick and easy-to-use Gantt charts.

Drag and drop functionality of this tool lets one rearrange the sequences of tasks and update the start and end dates related to the tasks, assisting one to keep track of the progress rates on the task. The commands can also be used for creating links between tasks representing dependencies.

The given tasks can be managed as a hierarchical structure with higher levels depicting the summaries. Visual Paradigm can be used for generating wide applications of gantt charts apart from project plans such as online marketing, website design plan, home renovation plans, recruitment plans, software development plans etc.

8. Venngage

VenngageVenngage is an online graphical application cum software that can be acknowledged as a chart making platform for non-designers.

A massive range of charts with preferred customization can be derived from this software in a flash.

Pictorially attractive gantt charts can be derived from Venngage to depict and impart a sound understanding of the progress rates of team projects.

To get started with creating gantt charts through Venngage, a user can opt for relevant themes provided by the application. Venngage also provides its users, access to Unsplash library, to upload innumerable images or logos onto the charts.

The charts can be color-coordinated as per company guidelines or color preferences from the extensive range of colors provided in the Brand Kit. One can add dynamic structures, icons, arrows and widgets to point to important tasks and their timelines. Once finished, the gantt charts can be saved as non-pixelated HD PNG images.

9. Toggl Plan

Toggl PlanToggl Plan can be recognized as one of the best chart-making tools and appreciably used among the fortune 500 companies of Amazon, Airbnb, and The New York Times with a few others.

On its flexibility and ease of use, this online tool makes the project visually appealing with project scheduling plans that assert better understanding and give an overview of the task or assignment timelines.

The segments, assignees, start and end days and dates can be updated as a deck installation and can be amended as and when needed.

An outstanding feature that Toggl Pan allows its users is Forward Planning, which gives an overview of the workflow of tasks in the coming weeks or months or years in the same chart.

Along with appending employees to their specific projects and deadlines, users can also insert notes. The clients can also be given access to view the charts when required.

10. Tom’s Planner

Tom's PlannerAvailable at quarterly or yearly plans for personal, professional or unlimited use, Tom’s Planner gantt chart maker is a good choice one can make to avail free charts instantly with only one paid account.

The paid account holder, preferably the manager, can invite dozens of other users as free account holders, which can make team involvement on the gantt charts easy and feasible.

Once logged in into the tool, one can painlessly and without any prior expertise start building and own gantt charts from templates. Tom’s Planner helps in time scheduling by drag and drops through clicks for moving around the time blocks.

The project tasks can be mapped in 5 different time intervals and can be tracked with icons, percentages or traffic lights. One can add dependencies for better productivity. Additionally one can also quickly get hold of the gantt charts by filtering them by resource, dates, activities, etc.



Introspecting and analyzing the views on each of the ten best online gantt chart makers of 2020, one can perceive that they are crucially deployed in the companies. All the software and tools mentioned are built on generating the charts quickly and updating them is a very simplified process.

The steps involved in the chart makers are more or less the same with attention to personalizing the gantt charts as per a company’s or individual’s liking.

Of all the charts described above, Canva, Creately, Visual Paradigm and Venngage are multiple chart making applications recognized for their simplicity of use and operability, along with basic customization features.

Besides, the massive library of templates these tools provide is overwhelming. Lucidchart is known to be the most used online tool worldwide with over millions of registered users for creating visually impacting gantt charts.

Tom’s Planner and Toggl Plan offer some unique functionalities in gantt charts to intrigue and engage the users to look forward to subscribing these applications.

Compared to others, Wrike, TeamGantt and GanttPro can be assumed to be best in practice online chart makers in 2020 which are unique to gantt charts for the extended and advanced workspaces or interfaces they offer.

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