Top 10 Best Flowchart Makers of 2021

Technology boosts and paves way for digital innovations with each passing day. These innovations lead to a rise of development of newer software and tools that are employed by companies and industries to carry out work effortlessly and with accuracy, cutting down the risk of errors.

Every company heavily relies on a certain set of tools and installed software for the smooth functioning of work processes within the organization. Stretching on this dependency, techies have been coming up with millions of online tools, apps, software, which can be available with free license or with paid subscriptions to feed the need of performing day-to-day task-oriented activities to an individual.

Flowchart Makers

Any organizational process or event requires a visual and thorough understanding of the sequence of steps that take need to be followed in a work cycle. Also for the development of any software, to ensure efficient tracking down a large number of lines of codes, graphically articulating and branching down the steps, flowcharts are extremely pivotal.

What is a Flowchart?

Replacing contextual data with graphical data gives a better view and understanding of concepts and ideas that one has in mind and has to perform. Flowcharts are basic diagrammed representations or documentation of a sequence of steps or tasks or processes or decisions of an event or work process that can catalyst a speedy work output.

They are especially essential in monitoring of actions and troubleshooting in case of errors. Presented in the form of boxes or shapes with arrows as connecting elements to exhibit the logical flow, flowcharts can be made visually pleasing with added attributes like various layouts, background colors, varying shapes, colors and fonts and a lot more.

Flowcharts can be simple to complex, single branched to multi-branched, and can be loaded with icons and widgets and stock or personal images. Its prime purpose is to keep the content precise and clear.

Best Flowchart Makers 2021

In current day scenario, flowcharts can be very easily accessible to any individual via free or paid online applications or software with so many added innovative features and user-friendly, intuitive interfaces for simplifying complex processes and decisions for yielding productive results to bring out goal-focused solutions effortlessly, consuming less time in any industry or organization.

1. Visme


To create colorful, attractively appealing flowcharts in a flash, Visme makes up for the perfect online editing tool.


The flowcharts can be generated with ease from selecting from a variety of beautiful, inbuilt templates, with the help of enhancers like background colors, fonts, icons, data widgets, connecting lines and elements, and some additional customization features like the custom flowchart elements.

Visme is responsible for producing some of the best looking, color branded and coded flowcharts for some of the leading brands like IBM, Intuit, Voya, and few others.

This tool readies a customized flowchart in just 5 steps, starting from choosing a template or layout of choice. The finishing format of the flowchart can be saved as a public or private file, and later shared as live links or can be embedded in docs, PPT’s or webpages and exported in the form of a PDF or a high-resolution image file.

2. Lucidchart


Lucidchart acts as a visual workspace for presenting and generating potential flowcharts with innovations to depict a better understanding of work.


Browsing through a PC or a MAC, on any device, on any operating system, a wide range of simple to complex flowcharts can be borne out of this online tool carrying out just five simple steps.

With its integration with Google applications, this tool acts as a virtual office to promote online collaboration of team members to simultaneously work on creating and manipulating the flowchart with comments, from anywhere, at any time.

Choosing from an extensive range of templates, one can start working on the flowchart with elements to showcase the steps, using its unique drag and drop functionality for arranging the sequence logically.

Adding Microsoft apps to this tool helps to embed the flowcharts in Microsoft applications and subsequently share them as links and save as an image document.

3. Edraw Flowchart Maker

edraw maxThe most renowned and simple to use software for generating professionally efficient flowcharts picturing event and process flows is Edraw Flowchart.

Edraw Flowchart Maker

Providing a lifetime license for usage at an affordable cost, and compatibility with MAC, Linux and all versions of Windows OS, this software is needless of any expertise or professional aptitude to create exclusive flowcharts, with a user-friendly drag and drop interface with innate symbols and elements for depicting the workflow.

Edraw is handpicked and trusted by first-rated brands like Dell, Samsung, IBM, Siemens, and HP among a few others to fulfill their dependency of creating and utilizing great quality flowcharts.

This software also specializes in providing its users, real-time examples of flowcharts which they can use, to replace with their own data to create a newer flowchart. These flowcharts can be shared in editable formats so that they can be reformed in case of any future tweaks.

4. Moqups

moqupsMoqups, with over 2 million users worldwide, can be accounted as one superlative flowchart making tool that offers ease of use to remote teams in real-time diagramming of the charts.

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It supports its registered users in mapping out complex systems, customer journeys, business processes, and information hierarchies with their entire cross-functional team.

Besides being enriched with several shapes, diagramming arrows, connector labels and diagram extenders to create a host of diagrams, Moqups’s drag and drop feature gives a quick visualization of flows, systems, processes, and ideas.

Owing to its cloud-based dynamics and Jira & Confluence integrations, this streamlined application helps the users stay in sync, irrespective of their location. It also provides effective team collaboration in terms of creating and styling the flowcharts on the same page via live cursors, chats and comments. Once done, the resulting diagrams can be exported to PNG or PDF and shared as project links.

5. PicMonkey


PicMonkey is another highly preferred online tool to let users generate and design effective and impacting flowcharts without the need of any prior designing or creativity skills.


This application is extremely affordable to start with and what makes it one of the best flowchart makers is its ability to offer exceptional chart designing. This is manifested with dozens of interactive flowchart symbols from its extensive graphics library.

Along with this, it is configured with an easy and intuitive high-powered tool for photo editing or to create stock images to enhance the design value of the flowcharts. To add further, PicMonkey allows users to choose from an attractive variety of professional and customization friendly templates to start generating flowcharts.

There are also numerous options available for styles, sizes and shapes to make the flowcharts more appealing along with customizing the text with the help of fonts, curves, drop shadows and outlines.

6. Canva


Canva’s flowchart maker is largely used across multinationals like Skyscanner, Pfizer, Watsons, Reality Austin among many others, on account of its simplicity of use and free of cost benefits.


This online application tool is home to an ample number of professional and designer templates that can be tailor-made and supplemented with different fonts, colors, shapes and sizes to fit in the user’s requirements.

Canva also offers the ease of arrangement and an extensive library of over 2 million symbols, icons and images for the flowchart in order to increase its appeal factor. All these features and components can be procured with the tool’s basic drag-and-drop functionality without the need for any previous designing expertise.

Once the flowcharts are complete in design and customization, they can be published across numerous platforms. They can also be shared or downloaded. Furthermore, this tool also supports the insertion of the resulting flowcharts in presentations.

7. Zen Flowchart

Zen FlowchartZen Flowchart can be considered as the easiest platform to create flowcharts in a jiffy with smart connectors in a fraction of clicks.

Zen Flowchart

With top-notch companies like Google, Apple, Spotify and Atlassian benefiting from this tool and over 4.5 million registered users around the world, Zen Flowchart can prove a strong contender as the best choice one can make to create different kinds of flowcharts.

The best part of using this tool is the attractive looking and minimally configured interface it offers its valuable users. Cutting down all the extra, non-functional features and placing all the essential and relevant ones, it gives access to thoughtfully creating flowcharts, which can be customized as per one’s requirement choosing from templates and layouts.

The resulting flowcharts can be derived as PNG files or can be published as a live document which automatically restores all the changes any user makes while editing the flowchart.

8. Creately

createlyCreately is a basic online application powered with templates and tools, one can use, to create beautiful flowcharts in less time, imparting an option to choose from an array of professionally built, regular or complex, innate templates.


These templates can range from a simple one-way sequence of steps to a more enhanced collection or sequence of processes, all representing the logical systematic flow of operations in a work cycle.

The interface offers its users is in the form of a well-organized and ordered drawing space with styling elements and options located at the edges of the screen in order, to personalize the flowcharts depending on the preferences of the users with the choice of colors, shapes and other elements.

The final product of the flowchart that is garnered can be exported as a high-resolution image like PNG or SVG, or as a PDF document to support HD quality printing purposes.

9. Gliffy

GliffyGliffy is another creative tool for leisurely producing flowcharts with instant clicks of a mouse.


This tool is apt for placing your ideas or decisions as visual diagrams and simplifying or breaking down difficult and complex processes into steps or sequences of workflows that is logically easy to understand and follow.

Almost every process in any business can be conferred in the form of a flowchart with the help of Gliffy. With a user-friendly interface loaded with intuitive features, one can initiate flowcharts from templates or begin with scratch by simply using the drag and drop options for placing the shapes and other elements on the screen.

Once finished, a user can easily export the flowcharts and provide permissions for viewing and editing. They can further be imported in case of any changes. Gliffy flowcharts can be integrated with Atlassian or can be added directly to Confluence docs and Jira tickets.

10. Visual Paradigm Online

Visual ParadigmAn online diagramming and editing tool, to aid one to create professional flowcharts effortlessly from an extensive library of templates, Visual Paradigm is one of the top-rated Flowchart making and designing tools online.

Visual Paradigm Online

It offers its registered users editing features like various shapes, connectors, coloring and font options, functioned with simple commands like drag and drop for resizing and reshaping of shapes, auto-adjusted connectors for linking, reusable shapes and elements and more added intuitive features.

Along with this, the tool facilitates a list of tasks like accurate positioning and aligning of the shapes which can also be grouped, rotated and resized, the embedding of URL links or external images or text into the diagrams and creating a list for forming shapes instantly.

The flowcharts once created can be saved as PNG or SVG file, or as a PDF document on Google Drive and cloud to promote team collaboration and support.


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Reviewing the characteristic capabilities of the above-mentioned flowchart making applications, one can be assured that every tool and software runs on the fundamental idea of creating and implementing flowcharts from templates that are user-oriented, handy and well-designed for organizations so that the business processes and events can be laid out as plans minimizing the time taken to achieve them.

Gliffy, Creately, Visual Paradigm, and Visme are very basic and elementary online tools with millions of registered users for creating good-looking, simple, creative flowcharts with beautifying features for individuals at the beginner level and professional level.

Lucidchart and with third party integrations are convenient for use at the corporate level. Among all, Zen and Edraw Flowchart makers are sought after tools by the top brands for their result-driven performance and their compatibility with all the operating systems.

Focusing on the ease of use for producing compact and professional flowcharts through a visual workplace, Lucidchart can be highly recommended for official use and is one of the top-notch flowchart making tools in the market.

Gliffy and Creately can be thoughtfully pronounced as the widely used, easy and attractive looking flowchart makers among others.

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