BCG Matrix

BCG Matrix Cover

Developed by the Boston Consulting Group, BCG Matrix is a popular corporate planning tool that helps in assessing better scopes of growth and better branding of the organization in the market.


Planogram (Textile)

What is a Planogram? A Planogram is a popular retail technique that is used by retailers all over the world to determine the order in which retail products are to be placed in a shelf in order to increase purchase. A Planogram is a diagram that shows where and how a product should be placed … Read more

Kanban Board: A tool to maximize work efficiency

Kanban Board

Kanban boards are organizing mechanisms used by firms to streamline workflows and maximize the productivity of the workforce. Amongst all available mainframe techniques, Kanbans are uncomplicated and can be smoothly implemented and utilized within an organization. In fact, companies urge their staff members to incorporate Kanban ideologies into their daily work cycle rather than halting … Read more

Self-Reflection through SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Anupam Kher, an Indian Film Actor published a book in 2011, which was titled, “The best thing about you is you”. The book revolves around the process through which a person attains self-awareness and inner peace through citing examples from the authors life. One of the chapters spoke about how we’re the masters of our … Read more

Influence Diagram

Influence Diagram

There are several methods accessible to us, which make data understanding very easy. These methods help us to comprehend the factors and their mode of communication with each other. An influence diagram is one such method for understanding the data. So without further ado, let’s know more about it. What is an “Influence Diagram”? An … Read more

Lucidchart Review

lucidchart review

Lucidchart is a popular online diagram software that enhances your experiences with work by providing with a visual experience for better diagramming and representations for streamlined work.