Microsoft Visio Review: Enhancing the future of data visualization

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If you are into small or big businesses, data visualization is a very big part of the business. Given that everything is online and majority of the process involved in a business is handled on a computer, even planning everything using an interactive medium like Microsoft Visio can further streamline the process.

Having a proper understanding of the features and the process of usage does ensure that you get the best experience of using it.

To help you with this further, we have stashed away all the necessary details you need to know when it comes around to Microsoft Visio and the features.

About Microsoft Visio

Before proceeding further with highlighting the benefits and the drawbacks of this data visualization tool, it is important that we have a basic understanding of what it is first. For those who aren’t aware, the Microsoft Visio is part of the Microsoft Office suite which is used to help with the diagramming and even with the preparation of flowcharts and even the floor plans.

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The issue with Visio is that since it is so less talked about, it is not just underrated but less known around. But, that doesn’t mean that this tool does any less work. People who have started using Visio have time and time suggested for a fact that not only is it quite easy to use and handle, but provides with distinguishing results.

Microsoft Visio is so well developed that it can be used to make simple as well as complicated diagrams. It does come with a number of built in shapes and features that makes the process of graphical visualization a lot easier.

What kind of things you can do with Microsoft Visio?

For those who want to streamline your process of diagramming, it is best suggested to ensure that you know what kind of claims MS Visio does.

Some of the most important ones include:

  • Ensure better organization of the complex ideas in the graphical format
  • Provides with ample number of templates for you to choose from and look through
  • Add and make use of the shapes and texts to further showcase better relationship within the system
  • Add in a touch of professionalism to the diagrams
  • Streamlined creation of dynamic diagrams
  • Easy access on all devices

Linking data and Microsoft Visio

When it comes to data linking for the business, the process isn’t as easy as it seems like. When you arrange for a project under with the diagramming process, you’d come to witness that tracking everything each step is an important factor and Microsoft Visio is one of the best tools around for that.

If you use Microsoft Excel for keeping track of every step of the process in a project, you’d come to witness that the process of linking the data is made a lot easier with Microsoft Visio. If everything us entered accordingly, you’d find that Visio does make it a lot easier to associate the data points with the shapes.

It also allows easy customization of the graphics as per one’s liking as well.

What kind of use does Microsoft Visio has?

If you have taken up a plan under the Microsoft Visio and want to get started along with it, it is best suggested that you know of some of the important use that you can look it up for.

That being said, it is best suggested that you know what kind of diagrams that you can make using the Microsoft Visio. Let us take a look at some of the few, shall we?

Helps in making floor plans

Majority of the people who are into architecture and interiors have time and time explained that the Microsoft Visio is quite an effective tool that helps with making the floor plans with ease. If you are into designing office buildings and constructing them, know for a fact that this can help without any doubt whatsoever.

Helps in making organization charts

Next on the list of the things that you can do with the Microsoft Visio is organization charts. Given how complicated it can be to make organization charts, Visio makes the process a lot easier. It has also been designed in a way that ensures its maximum compatibility with the other applications. If you have all the data penned down on Microsoft excel or some other platform, you can use the same for better results.

Helps in defining proper timeline

With project management, one of the common issues is managing a proper timeline with things. If you are heading a project, one of the most common issues that people face is the fact that it comes quite hard to explain the process and the timeline involved in the project. Visio makes the process a lot easier and maintained because it helps get your timeline explained well to the clients and the other departments involved in the organization. It also has a separate “Timeline” feature which further helps ease the process even more.

Helps in making process diagram

Last but not the least on the list is the fact Visio helps in making the process diagrams easier. If you do have a customer service team for your business, having a proper process model is quite necessary for yourself and even for the recruits that you have. Majority of the businesses do the mistake of drawing them up in an amateur platform. Visio helps provide everything with a professional touch to the final result of the diagram.

Does MS Visio live up to the expectations with the features?

With the diagramming tools, the one thing that nobody wants to compromise on is the features and the scope to finally ensure that it lives up to the standards without any fail.

Given it is gaining such popularity over the course of time, it isn’t surprising that more and more people are trusting this platform to ensure the best for their program diagramming as per their needs.

Some of the features of this software that stand out in terms of user expectations include:

Data visualizer

The very first of the features of this platform that garnered all the popularity is the data visualizer. This feature helps in creating process diagrams from the pre-existing MS Excel data. If the data available fits into the template on the platform, it doesn’t need any further issues at all. If you make around any kind of changes to the original Excel file, the same does reflect on the Visio file.

Ample templates

Another important feature and factor about the Microsoft Visio that stands out is the fact that it comes with ample number of templates for you to choose from. Given that businesses do have ample requirements, the same fits into the shoe as per the requirements around. There are several standardized templates along with a few more which have a unique look and feel to it. These templates are quite effective for business processes, software development and even IT and education.

Accessible from anywhere

If you are using Microsoft Visio, the one factor about it that stands out among the rest is the fact that it is easily accessible from any devices that you have, be it a mobile or even an iPad. This is perfect for project management, especially with team members who work remotely.

Better visualization of the data

Having a structure to the available data helps provide with a better outlook on the progress of a project. Visio helps in creating a visual representation of the available database without any further issues. It helps in connecting the databases with MySQL, SQL server, Oracle and even ensures easy updates of the diagrams which have been synced with the platform.

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Final verdict – is it worth the investment?

If you haven’t been convinced otherwise, Microsoft Visio comes with a free plan and a plan costing $280 and $530 for Standard and Business plans respectively. Majority of the people who are into the corporate world prefer relying on this, mainly because of the fact that that it lives up to the claims it makes.

Check Plans and More Details here

Not only does it help in making the process of data visualization easier and a lot more streamlined, it provides shape to your ideas in a graphical format for better understanding.

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