Planogram (Textile)

What is a Planogram? A Planogram is a popular retail technique that is used by retailers all over the world to determine the order in which retail products are to be placed in a shelf in order to increase purchase. A Planogram is a diagram that shows where and how a product should be placed … Read more

Influence Diagram

Influence Diagram

There are several methods accessible to us, which make data understanding very easy. These methods help us to comprehend the factors and their mode of communication with each other. An influence diagram is one such method for understanding the data. So without further ado, let’s know more about it. What is an “Influence Diagram”? An … Read more

Decision Tree

Decision Tree

There are several methods available which make data understanding very easy. The tree-based method is one of them.  It has become one of the leading and most used method for understanding the data or information. This sort of techniques empowers insightful models with high precision, reliability and straightforwardness of comprehension. They are adaptable at dealing … Read more

Diagrams: The Foundation of Visual Illustration


Diagrams are illustrations which present information on relevant subject matter in a structural format. There are many creative ways to present diagrams. Sometimes in the form of shapes such as Triangle, Circle, etc. Sometimes in the form of charts. It’s origin comes from the Latin word Diagramma. Diagrams can be presented in the form of … Read more

Charts, Graphs and Diagrams: Importance, Applications and its Role in Life

Data Visualization - Charts, Graphs and Diagrams

What you witnessed here is a simple video illustrating the application of Data Visualization in our daily lives. We haven’t yet realized how much we’ve become dependent on the tools of Data Visualization to aid us in our projects and research. Before we begin to discuss on the various industries in which Data Visualization is … Read more