Top 5 Best Circuit Diagram Makers 2020

If you are into the electrical engineering field, you’d know how important circuit diagrams are when it comes to representing an electrical circuit. With the modernization, the best circuit diagram makers further make the process a lot easier for you to get around with.

circuit diagram makers

Circuit diagrams have been in use since decades, mainly to help plan the layout of the electrical circuit or even to ensure better idea of the blueprint of the process. While engineers drew the blueprints and diagrams by hand back in the day, things have changed now.

With the rapid growth of technology and the use of varying tools for visual representation of the ideas, circuit diagram makers have gained a lot of popularity. These are not just useful in helping improve the overall layout of the diagram but also helps get the process done in no time at all and that too with minimal room for error.

What is a circuit diagram?

For those who have no idea, circuit diagrams are the visual representation of an electrical circuit that is made using basic images of the parts used or even the symbols that are used in the industry.

There are two different types of the circuit diagrams available – the pictorial version and the schematic version. The pictorial version makes use of the standard images of the parts used in the circuit while the schematic version uses the industry level symbols.

The pictorial version is mainly drawn up for the people who have a less of a technical audience and just want to get a visual of the things happening. The schematic version, on the other hand, is mainly targeted for an electrician who is going to work on that circuit and develop it in real time. This is why it is more detailed and contains more symbols for better understanding.

Our Picks: 10 Best Circuit Diagram Makers For 2020

Coming round to the next topic of discussion is the list of the best circuit diagram makers. To be honest, there are not an ample amount of options when it comes to circuit diagram makers. But, we have sorted out some of the best ones for you to take a look into.

1. SmartDraw


First up on the list is SmartDraw which is known for its wide range of options in terms of diagramming.


This tool comes in two different versions, the live desktop version that you can install onto your desktop and get started or the online version which can be accessed from anywhere across the globe.

The best thing about this tool is the pre-made templates of the circuit diagram that they already have. All you have to do is select the one that you think works best for you and then make the edits on them as you go.

You can add circuit switches, symbols, and a lot more from the host of options that you will get on the platform. It also allows you to add, delete or even edit certain elements on the template as per your convenience. Once you do that, the software has been programmed to rearrange everything to fit all in one. This is another reason why you need to try this out.

2. Lucidchart


When it comes to online diagramming tools, it goes without saying that Lucidchart is possibly one of the best available options.


The best reason why you need to try this for circuit diagram is because it allows you to draw both the types, be it the pictorial or the schematic version of the circuit.

Aside from that, Lucidchart also provides with a lot of flexibility in helping you choose from a wide range of industry level symbols that are available for use. They have varying category of symbols including resistors, transistors and even the power sources around that you can further access.

On top of that, you can also import some of the existing files from platforms like Visio, Gliffy, etc. that makes it easier for you to carry on with your work without facing any sort of hindrance to it. It also allows easier sharing and presentation to the stakeholders and the other associated which is another reason why you need to try this one out.

3. Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm

As intimidating as the name of the platform is, Visual Paradigm is another effective platform that you can use to draw circuit diagrams in real time.

Visual Paradigm

They have a number of circuit diagram shapes and templates that you can access further to get your job done. Aside from that, it also does allow easy sharing, which again is one of the reasons why you definitely need to try it without further complaints.

It also has a feature that lets you integrated with MS Office in case you need to get some data in without having to go back and forth. The easy export and sharing feature of this platform is what steals the show.

Visual Paradigm also allows you to bring in collaborators for your diagram, so you can edit them and get the work done faster without any further hindrance of queries. It also lets you add comments, which again is a reason why you need this.

4. CircuitLab


CircuitLab is a browser accessed, online circuit simulator enhanced with a schematic editor that helps one seamlessly build and master circuit diagrams – digital and analog.


Without pressing the need of any installation formalities, being directed to the tool in just a click to draw customized circuits, CircuitLab has made its mark as the best circuit diagram maker of 2020.

This tool is structured with advanced features and commands for generating effective and coherent circuit diagrams. From easily connecting elements to a simple copy paste, applying SPICE-like component models for result accuracy to manually entering precise values, plotting arbitrary signals to customizing the circuits from a build box of tools and elements.

In addition to other attributes, the users can employ user-friendly, error-free circuit schematic diagrams that showcase the required simulations. The resulting schematics can be printed and saved as PNG, EPS or SVG and can be appended in design documents.

5. Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram

If the name of the software was a giveaway, Circuit Diagram is dedicated to helping you draw up the varying electrical circuits online.

Circuit Diagram

Even this one comes in two versions, the desktop version that you can download and install and the live version that you can access on your browser. If you are on the go, we would suggest you use the live version as it can be accessed from anywhere across the world.

It comes with easy to edit templates and available symbols that make the process a lot easier to get through and manage without further questions.

You can also export the final result as an image to have a copy and can come back and edit it anytime you want, which ensures a very easy and navigable option. It also comes with a host of custom components and common components that you would need to create your very own circuit diagram from scratch.


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What is the significance of a circuit diagram?

Now that you know what the circuit diagram is, before we proceed on to the various types of circuit diagram makers, it is important you know of the significance of it.

Circuit diagrams help in a number of ways. Some of them include:

  • It helps get a better physical and visual understanding of the process and the output of the circuit.
  • It makes it easier to communicate with the electrician working on the circuit in real-time.
  • It can be shared electronically.
  • It gives a better idea and look into the possible loopholes in the process.


With the top 5 options for the best circuit diagram makers mentioned, we would say that the one that stands out amidst them all is LucidChart. Their library of the templates and the standard of the drawing looks a lot more professional in comparison to the other ones.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the other ones aren’t worthy. It is just that this one tops the list when we are talking about the all around user experience. The one downside to this software is the fact that their pricing options can be a little bit intimidating.

But, that aside, their plans are worth the investment. You can have a hands on experience with all the varying options that they have. It helps add to your portfolio better and makes you come off as a professional with a sound technical knowledge of things. But, if budget is a constraint, SmartDraw is the next best option that you can try out.

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