Top 10 Best Block Diagram Makers For 2020

With so many forms of diagramming platforms, it is likely for one to be confused about which one to pick and which one to avoid. This is one of the primary reasons why picking a platform for block diagram becomes so difficult. But, with the growing popularity of the same, it is likely that you wouldn’t find it hard to find a suitable platform for all your block diagramming needs.

best block diagram makers

To be fair, the platforms are ample, you just need to ensure that you are picking the right one. The importance of block diagrams is quite extensive. From helping a brand plan their work process to getting a visual representation of the roadblocks along the way, the options are quite varied.

Since its use is in most of the primary work front, it isn’t surprising that people are now looking for professional diagramming tools to further help make the process even easier. Long gone are the days when people made use of the general ways of either drawing things out with their hands or relying on basic Microsoft Office tools to get the job done.

With the advancing technology and the introduction to so many available options in the market, it isn’t surprising at all that more and more people now prefer to use these platforms for their daily diagramming needs, especially when it comes to block diagrams.

Our Picks: 10 Best Block Diagram Makers 2020

Diagramming platforms and tools help make the process more accessible and prevent unnecessary wastage of time in creating everything from scratch. To help you out, we have sorted out some of the best block diagram makers and creators.

1. Creately – Best Block Diagram Maker


If you don’t want the hassle of preparing and creating everything from scratch, one of the best ways to do so is with Creately. This diagramming platform lets you create the best block diagrams with ease and flair.


Apart from the fact that they have a number of templates to choose from, you can even prepare things from scratch with the easy drag and drop feature.

It comes with a host of advanced features that allow you to create any kind of block diagram that you possibly need or can think of. The platform also does come with preset color themes that have been made to easily match your needs.

The hundreds of pre-drawn templates are not just easy to work with but have a very professional look and feel to it that ensures the best output without any concerns at all.

2. Lucidchart – Best Online Block Diagram Maker

Lucidchart Homepage

When it comes to diagramming, there is nothing that you can’t find on Lucidchart. It is known for its interactive interface that helps you create the kind of visuals that you want for your project.


This platform is known for their extensive range of templates, even when it comes to block diagram.

The flair and the results are what drive people to even take their time with this platform. If you have been looking for a good quality platform that can help with your block diagrams, this is the one. The pre-made templates are interactive and very easy to work with.

Since this is an open visual platform, it is likely that you won’t find it hard to collaborate with people and even get their inputs along the way. The final results can also either be exported and sent or you can directly send it to someone who has an account on the platform.

3. SmartDraw

SmartDraw Homepage

Just like the name suggests, SmartDraw is a platform that allows you to get going with your block diagram needs. The best thing about this platform is the fact that it comes in two different modes.


You can pick between the online mode that can be accessed from anywhere across the world and on any device when you have an account or the desktop mode which can be installed on your device and used.

It depends on your needs and you can pick one that floats your boat. Aside from that, this platform makes the process of making a block diagram very interactive. It does have a plethora of templates, so you don’t have to bang your head about making things from scratch.

It also comes with a symbol library which is very important when you are drawing a block diagram. They also have a very good support where you can call with your queries for quicker solutions.

4. Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm Homepage

To be honest, don’t get intimidated by the name of the platform, mainly because of the fact that it does provide with very interactive workspace for you to get along with.

Visual Paradigm

This easy to use block diagram tool does have a very interactive platform that lets you make things from scratch or even pick from the already existing templates.

Even this one comes with the intuitive drag and drop feature which comes in very handy when you are trying to wrap up the diagram without much hassle. The Visual Paradigm Online version is completely cloud based, so you need not worry about the space on your computer.

Once done, you can simply select the platform you want to save it to and call it a day. You can also find hundreds of templates available on the platform that you can choose from.

5. ConceptDraw


Next on the list of the best block diagram makers has to be ConceptDraw. This is one of these diagramming tools that have everything in one place for you.


What this does is help you pick the right items in a matter of seconds and get started with the process. The best thing about this platform is the range of amazing options that you have going around. They are also pretty easy to make, which again makes this a credible option.

This platform is also known for providing you with tutorials, in case you have no idea how to proceed with the process. If you want something credible outputs done, it is important that you do keep an eye out on the process even further. Aside from this being a very easy to use platform, it also briefs you on the process to help you further.

6. Edraw Max – Best Block Diagram Software

Edraw Max Homepage

Next on the list is Edraw Max. Even this one comes in the desktop form that you can download for free and check out. The reason why this is considered one of the best available tools for block diagrams out there is all because of the ease of use.

Edraw Max

It comes with a huge number of templates and symbols for you to choose from. Not just that, it also ensures easy compatibility so you can import or export files according to your needs.

The online version of this platform is a new launch, which means that you still do have an online option in case you are always on the go and need a reliable platform to keep you company whenever there is need for some diagrams to be whipped up. It lets you visualize your ideas in the most constructive way possible.

7. – Best Free Block Diagram Maker

For those who don’t want to spend any money and have been looking for a completely free and simple platform to draw some block diagrams, might be the answer for that.

This platform is completely free and has a very simple user interface that lets you get your work done without any hassle at all.

The one drawback to this platform is possibly the lack of templates. So, that means that you have to draw everything from scratch. This is perfect when you are working small term and don’t have a lot going on but if you are working on a big project, this might not be the best option.

But, for the ones who don’t want any hassle and want a quick picturization of the kind of visuals they have, this is an amazing quick fix platform just for that. You do have all the shapes and symbols needs that you can then customize accordingly.

8. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio

When it comes to online diagramming platforms or tools, it isn’t surprising that Microsoft Visio is one of the best available options in the market.

Microsoft Visio

It provides with some of the best and most interactive diagrams, especially when it comes down to the necessary block diagramming needs. The platform does have a plethora of templates for you to choose from, so you need not worry about anything at all.

The best thing about this platform has to be the amazing and affordable pricing options and the professional results that you get from these. They have been made with some of the best looking templates for easier access.

Additionally, you can also draw your block diagrams with perspective. The reins are in your hand with this platform, so you need not worry about anything at all.

9. Gliffy

Gliffy Homepage

Yet another affordable and interactive block diagram makers that you can check out for yourself is Gliffy. It lets you create, communicate and collaborate with people right on the diagram and during the progress so you can efficiently use the time and ensure the best results out of it.


This is a very versatile diagramming tool that helps you create a block diagram within a matter of minutes. The intuitive drag and drop feature is quite amazing and helps create the best of results in no time at all.

You not just get to choose from a plethora of options, you also do get to pick from a wide range of available features. It also lets you share the finished product with the team for them to get an idea of the work that you have been indulging in all this while. You can also preserve or even track the changes so you know what kinds of edits have gone into the diagram.

10. yEd Graph Editor

yEd Graph Editor Homepage

Last but not the absolute least is the yEd Graph Editor which is very popular for their block diagram templates. This is a desktop application, so there are no chances for collaboration or access from anywhere across the globe.

yEd Graph Editor

But, don’t let that deter you, mainly because of the fact that you do get to create one of the best looking and effective block diagram that you wouldn’t have struggle with. It is also completely free for you to use, which is amazing if you are a student or a small business who doesn’t have enough funds to shell out for every venture.

You also get the supported resources that you can refer to and use as per your needs and requirements. This platform does have a very interactive format too, which again is an added bonus. Even though it is free across multiple platforms, you do not need to keep an eye out on the results because you are assured of the best quality.


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If you have been meaning to make your own block diagram without having to worry about doing it from scratch, these are some of the best platforms that can help you with the process. Some of these tools do come with a price but there are also a few which are free for you to use. Irrespective of whether you have enough money to spare or not, we have sorted you out with a few options to go through.

Always ensure to test out or opt for the trial version of the paid platforms to get a hang of things and check whether or not you actually like the platform. This is where the process gets tricky. If it is not even worth the trial, it is likely that you wouldn’t want to spend your money on such platforms.

Lastly, look for the platforms that come with the export and import options, so you can easily save or send your file to the person in question.

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